Sugar & ICE Christmas

  • Game type: Chain Reactor
  • Number of reels: Cascading
  • Number of lines: 5x5 Grid
  • Coins per line: Minimum Bet
  • Session Jackpot
  • Wild Symbols
  • Bonus Round

Game Description

Similar to the smash hit “Sugar & ICE” comes this Christmas Holiday themed version filled with Holiday cheer! One spin goes a long way on this arcade slot, as most wins trigger continuous cascading wins, until no more wins remain on the reels. It is especially easy to get such cascading wins as the game is laid out on a 5x5 grid rather than a traditional 3x5 grid.

Wild Wreaths appear all throughout the year, completing ‘near misses’ and improving natural wins. A free Bonus Round gift awaits all players who achieve their individual jackpot located on the left side of the game. Once the jackpot is achieved, the player is paid the jackpot amount and has a chance to choose from several hidden prizes in a Free Bonus Round!