Sugar & ICE

  • Game type: Chain Reactor
  • Number of reels: Cascading
  • Number of lines: 5x5 Grid
  • Coins per line: Minimum Bet
  • Session Jackpot
  • Wild Symbols

Game Description

This player favorite game is among the original arcade slot games on the internet. This cascading 5x5 reels game piles up the continuous wins from every spin. As winning combinations appear on the reels they are awarded to the player and are replaced by additional symbols which cascade in from the top. This cascading sequence continues until no more win combinations appear on the reels.

Wild symbols help players get an edge to complete ‘near missed’ wins and to improve the payout of natural wins. The session jackpot is by far the hottest unique feature of this game. Each player has their own jackpot and can win it at their own pace. The jackpot is always saved until it is won, allowing players to take breaks once the sugar rush passes for the day!