Sparkling Christmas Tree Sparkling Christmas Tree Sparkling Christmas Tree

Sparkling Christmas Tree

Set your Christmas alight with our exciting games!

As we head into the chilly Christmas months, we, at Downtown Bingo, bring you some events that should get your hearts racing and the blood pounding, all in an effort to warm you up. The event that we have is the Sparking Christmas Tree promotion and it's an exciting bingo option that will be running three times a week during the month of December. This special cycle will take place in the Diamond Bingo room and is perfect for enhancing your Christmas celebrations, hopefully bringing in some decent wins for you.

Games will take place at 9:00PM EDT on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday with a number of Christmas-themed patterns available to be filled. There are three different games offered in this exciting Xmas promotion, so depending on the game, you'll be able to get your hands on a different layout. The big prize goes to the Christmas Coverall game and the subsequent pattern. Other games offer you the chance to chase angels, gifts, bells, ornaments, a tree and even a star. The different games also have different card costs due to the different prizes that can be won. By offering a range of options we hope that everyone with any budget will be able to join in and have some fun this Christmas. So why not check out the different game options today!

Games in the Sparking Christmas Tree event start at 9:00PM EDT on every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday this December in the Diamond Bingo room. The first game option is the starting $25.00 game costing just $0.25 per card. There's a high/low game too of $100/ $10.00 which is also just $0.25 per card. Finally, there's the $2,500 Coverall game, which has a minimum of $25 with card prices set at $0.25 as well. However, we are also offering you a red hot promotion, so if you buy 8 cards, you'll get 4 cards free!

What better way to welcome in Christmas each week than with a potentially big win in our exciting Sparkling Christmas bingo games.