Earth Day Mini Bingo Earth Day Mini Bingo Earth Day Mini Bingo

Earth Day Mini Bingo

Save the planet with exciting Bingo games

Earth Day 2019 on Monday, April 22nd is dedicated to providing the inspiration needed to fundamentally change human attitude and behavior that is destroying our beautiful planet. And we’re making sure to highlight this important day by bringing our players together to play our special Earth Day Mini Bingo Games.

These special Earth Day Mini Bingo games will play not stop for an hour between 7:00PM EDT and 8:00PM EDT in the Spring Bingo room on Monday, April 22 EDT. What makes them mini bingo games? Each game plays on an Earth Day small bingo pattern and that means more games to play and more prizes to be won!

  • Save the Earth Starting $25 games
  • Earth Day $100 Guaranteed games

Our Earth Day Mini Bingo games play for a card cost of only $1 a card and with an unmissable Buy 6 Get 3 Free offer, you get more chances to be a winner. Join in the fun and spread the word about Earth Day on Monday, April 22nd.

Earth Day 2019 - Nature’s gifts to our planet are the millions of species that we know and love, and many more that remain to be discovered. Unfortunately, human beings have irrevocably upset the balance of nature and, as a result, the world is facing the greatest rate of extinction since we lost the dinosaurs more than 60 million years ago. But unlike the fate of the dinosaurs, the rapid extinction of species in our world today is the result of human activity.