FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Downtown Bingo's games are newly developed utilizing the latest Adobe Flash technology. To play, all you need is an Internet connection of 56K or better and a common browser like Internet Explorer 9, Mozilla FireFox or Google Chrome. Click here if you wish to upgrade to the latest version of the Adobe Flash Player.

No way, Downtown Bingo has a wide variety of popular games available to play including Video Poker, Slot Machines, Video Slots, Blackjack, Arcade, Keno, Texas Hold'em, Casino War, Roulette, Blackjack and an ever growing variety of Table Games..

For your convenience, Downtown Bingo provides several different methods for you to choose from to fund your account including VISA/MasterCard payment options, Neteller, iPoint, Our very own Gift Card, Ukash, MoneyBookers, MyVoucher and Bank Transfer. Simply find the one that best suits your needs. Go to our funding page for more details.

Downtown Bingo incorporates the latest 256-bit encryption technology designed to keep your personal and credit card information private and confidential. At no time will Downtown Bingo make available any of the information you provide us to any third party without your expressed permission. Downtown Bingo is also protected behind a secure firewall to ensure our games and your information is secure from hackers. Note that your credit card information is not stored in our database.

A player can elect to purchase individual tickets or cards from as low as $0.05 to $5.00 each (or as otherwise offered). Players can purchase as little as 1 (one) ticket or card to participate in a game. Players can purchase up to 120 tickets or 120 cards depending on the Bingo Game being offered.

The sky's the limit. There is no set limitation to how much you can win. Jackpots vary depending on which room you are playing in and how many cards have been purchased by you and other players. We also have many promotions every week. Some jackpots are guaranteed at $10,000.00! So we make someone $10,000.00 richer all the time!

Downtown Bingo processes payout requests two full business days after you submit your request. Therefore if you request a payout at anytime on Monday, your withdrawal request will be reviewed and processed on Thursday. You can request a payout for any amount you wish that does not exceed your available balance. Since the amount of your winnings is entered into your account immediately following a confirmed bingo, you can make a payout request whenever you wish. Your requests will subsequently be confirmed, approved, and processed and then sent to you by whichever method you select as quickly as possible.

Any win or payout amounting to $2,500.00 or more must be accompanied by a picture and quote (100 words) from the player.

All wins or payouts exceeding $5,000.00 must be accompanied by a picture, quotation and valid photo identification. The photo ID must have the same address listed on the player's profile. By accepting a 'cash-out' members agree that their pictures and quotes may be used for internal and external advertising purposes.  Furthermore, players may be required to provide a 20-30 second video testimonials and to sign a release and consent form.

Play as much or as little as you want for however long you want, Downtown Bingo is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The minimum amount for deposits is $25.00 and new players will be limited to $100.00 maximum per day. A higher daily deposit maximum can be requested by sending the following information to manager@downtownbingo.eu & accounting@downtownbingo.eu.

  • A legible scanned copy of the front and back of the credit/debit card(s) registered on the site (for your own safety please cover the middle digits of the card leaving first six and last four digits visible when scanning),
  • A legible scan of a valid photo identification
  • A scanned bank statement clearly stating your name, last name, address, and bank account number where you intend to receive future withdrawals.

Payouts can be requested at any time for any amount not exceeding the available account balance.

Absolutely, when logged into your account (Lobby) you will have full access to your account information that will allow you to fully view and track specifics to all the activity that occurs in your account in a convenient and user-friendly manner.

You can be confident that all of Downtown Bingo 's games have been audited by a third party to guarantee complete fairness to all of our players. Our software utilizes a true random number generator for all numbers created whether for bingo cards or calls making our games as fair as any other game of chance. In addition, our fairness has been in place since 2004! Downtown Bingo has maintained a proper reputation for fairness over the years.

Don't worry, connection issues are a reality of the Internet and this has been taken into consideration by Downtown Bingo . If you leave a game in which you have purchased cards by your own actions or no fault of your own, your cards will continue to play as if you're still logged in! Most importantly, if your card(s) is a winner, you will still get your prize. You can check your activities in your account.

Definitely, Downtown Bingo welcomes everyone and is open to all who wish to play, including beginners. The great thing about bingo is that, not only is it fun, but easy to learn. Our staff is available to help any new players who wish to get started. We also have a wonderful community of players who are always very helpful.

We offer a unique Loyalty program. For every dollar you deposit in your account via one of our funding options, you will receive points. Over time, you can redeem these points for cash or other prizes as made available.

Absolutely! We have the Buddy Program. You can manage your own home business and make extra income. For every player you refer to Downtown Bingo that deposits funds into their account, you will receive either a fixed dollar amount (like $25.00) or a percentage of each deposit for 4 months or more, depending on the special. This is an easy way to make extra money.

Absolutely, these are detailed on our Rules & Regulations page, which all players are required to review and agree to prior to playing any of our games.

You should always check with your own local laws before playing on any online gaming site, however we do not allow anyone to play at Downtown Bingo who is under the age of 18.

You can email us at support@downtownbingo.eu or you can get live help from support once you have registered (a very quick process).

We thought you'd never ask. Click here and follow the online instructions. Registration is quick and simple!

If you are running the game on a recommended PC, but still experience some minor performance problems, you can turn select 'Game Settings' and click off the checkmark for game 'Animations'.

There are several things that you can do that will help performance for both version of the game. They include:

  • Minimizing the number of bingo games you have open at any one time. The more rooms you have open, the more of your computer resources will be used, which can affect performance.
  • Having multiple chat rooms open at any one time will also draw on more of your computer resources.
  • The default number of displayed cards is 15. If you zoom out, some players may experience a chat lag when more cards are displayed. Zooming in to display only six cards may help alleviate PC resource usage. While zoomed in, you may view all your cards by clicking on the Next Page button.
  • Close any other applications or programs that may be running on your computer to free up computer memory and resources.
  • Close other browser windows that you may have open. This includes the Downtown Bingo website. You can always open the website again by clicking on the 'Lobby' button on the bottom left-hand corner of the bingo game window.
  • Please be sure that you have the latest version of Flash. If you are not sure what version you have, click here http://www.adobe.com/downloads.

No, only one (1) account per household is permitted; absolutely no exceptions will be made. Management has the right to disable any and all accounts if suspicion of more than one (1) account in the same household. Identification documents will be required by all parties for accounts to be re-opened.

Happy Birthday! All players will be emailed a Happy Birthday email on which a Bonus code is presented to the player as their Birthday Gift. So make sure your Birth Date is up to date in your profile so you don't miss out on your Birthday Gift!

Management holds the right to ask players requesting Birth date updated on their profile to provide a valid photo ID with Birth date clearly visible. In the case of attempted fraud Downtown Bingo account will be disabled.

Our Policy

Downtown Bingo has a commitment to good corporate governance.
Our service is the provision of online gaming entertainment and our aim is for our product to be enjoyable and fair, but also a responsible pastime.


Our commitment is to provide you with enjoyable and rewarding entertainment, but at the same time we want you to be in complete control of your play which you can now customize to your needs. We are therefore providing you with tools to limit your bets. Gaming is always better when it's enjoyed responsibly!
We have limits to the amount of funds that you can deposit daily, however, if you wish, to reduce your maximum daily deposit even further, let us know by emailing riskmanagement@downtownbingo.eu. We will be happy to assist you in limiting the amount of money spent on a daily or a weekly basis as you desire.

Self Regulations

If you think that you are better off by having yourself self-excluded and blocked from playing with us altogether, we will follow your instructions, just request it at: manager@downtownbingo.eu. You may ask to be temporarily self-excluded from the site for a period of three, six or twelve months. After your self-exclusion period expires you may contact us again ask for your account to be reactivated, or you may ask to extend the self-exclusion. We are here to help in anyway we can.

Professional Help

If you feel that you need professional help, please contact one of the many organizations that provide appropriate counseling. GamCare, Gamblers Anonymous and several others, have a well earned reputation in helping with this problem. Please check their online sites and find out which of their local chapters is closer to where you reside:

Age Requirement

We at Downtown Bingomake every effort to prevent underage gaming. Our players MUST be at least 18 years of age. We utilize filters to ascertain the correctness of cards' owner's addresses and ages; we verify IDs with our several available methods of payments -both during deposits and payouts - however, no monitoring tool is 100% infallible.
There are several entities and organizations that will help protect underage access to gaming, as well as access to any other activity that must be restricted to minors:

Please find below a copy of our Release Consent Form. When requested for a Special Promotion or by Management please copy this Form and paste onto a word document. Please print this document, fill in the required information and sign in the designated areas. Please scan the signed document and send it to us by email at manager@downtownbingo.eu.

Release and Consent Form

Downtown Bingo

I hereby grant irrevocable consent and permission to Downtown Bingo to use my name, bingo alias, visual image, vocal sound, likeness and municipality of residence which may be published in the press and online (including radio broadcasts, newspapers, television or film releases, slides, video tapes distribution over the internet and picture storage) for the use of promoting the website, brand and company.

I understand the information in this form about why Downtown Bingo wants to use this information and what that information will be used for. I also agree to the fact that the information about me may be used in commercials and other promotional materials in the way described in this form.

By signing this form, I acknowledge that I unconditionally release and discharge Downtown Bingo from all liabilities, claims and actions that may arise from any act or omission (including any negligent act or omission or breach of any warranty implied by any legislation) of Downtown Bingo. However, this shall not affect my statutory rights or exclude or restrict any liability for death or personal injury arising from the negligence or fraud of Downtown Bingo.

Name and Lastname __________

Bingo Alias __________

Date __________

Signature __________